2013 Thirteen Colonies Special Event – QSL!

2013 Thirteen Colonies Special Event - K2K NH QSL

2013 Thirteen Colonies Special Event – K2K NH QSL

Our updated QSL cards for this year’s Thirteen Colonies Special Event came back from the printer last week. This let us get about the business of responding to all of the QSL requests to the K2K New Hampshire Station. This project took the better part of two days to complete. We replied to approximately 450 direct QSL requests as well as 180 Buro QSL requests from previous years. The net was that I filled out about 630 cards in about two days. We expect that this batch of QSLs will represent about 2/3 of the QSL requests that we will receive for the 2013 Event.

New K2K New Hampshire QSL Card

New K2K New Hampshire QSL Card

Richie (W1STT), Anita (AB1QB) and I (AB1OC) redesigned the K2K New Hampshire QSL Card this year. The logo in the center of the card was used in various forms early in our history (ex. the Fugio Cent) to signify the unity among the Thirteen Original Colonies which formed the United States of America. It also appeared on the Flag of the 2nd New Hampshire Regiment which fought in the American Revolutionary War. The symbol in the upper left of the card is used on the current New Hampshire State flag and Seal.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2013 Thirteen Colonies Special Event. We certainly enjoyed doing it and we hope that everyone enjoys the new QSL cards.

– Fred (AB1OC)

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