This blog shares Fred (AB1OC) and Anita’s (AB1QB) experiences in building and operating a state of the art Amateur Radio station. Fred and Anita are relatively new HAMs having been licensed in 2010/2011. We also plan to share other information related to our Amateur Radio experiences here.

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  1. Hi Anita & Fred,
    This is really an awesome station. I love your shack setup and of course the stak of DB36 antennas. I hope you’ll have fun with this great station for many many years. Keep up the good work with your website too… really interesting. Lots of stuff to literally “INHALE” for us ham radio operators. Once again… great work !

    best wishes from Germany … Nik, DL7XT

    • Thank you Nik for the nice comments. We created this Blog to help others to do HAM Radio projects similar to the ones that we have done. I hope that you enjoy the articles here and find the information useful. We are working on several new articles which we’ll be posting in the near future so please do come back and visit us again soon. You can also subscribe to this Blog to receive an email when we post something new.

      73 … Fred, AB1OC

  2. Fred,

    I have been reading the series of posts on mobile ham radio installation with interest. I am curious, can a mobile rig such as the one you show here, be used as a base station ham radio? Can this type of radio and scorpion antenna be set up in a building or office to be used as as base station as well as a mobile one?

    Kristen Ridge
    ridge.kristen (at) gmail.com

  3. Hi love the site and your ham shack. Was curious the dimensions of the room you built in the basement? Looks like you have a lot packed in there. Did I also read right you have 125 amp service there AC as well as 70 amp DC? Thanks so much for sharing this with the world.

    • Thanks for visiting our Blog. The room is about 12 ft x 12 ft and you have the power numbers correct. Cooling was an important issue in the design of the room which is why we have a dedicate AC unit for the shack.

      – Fred (AB1OC)

  4. WOW! can’t say anything else! Just stumbled upon your website. My call is AK4QE and i’m originally from india (VU2KJS is my india call sign). I was licensed here stateside in 2012. My ham shack is relatively incomplete without the Db-36 which i dream of putting up hopefully this year. Right now i operate a FT-DX5000 and an AL-80B amp along with an ICOM pro-III as a back up transceiver. I live in a HOA restricted subdivision so my 40m dipole gets most of the job done! Hope to meet you on the air soon, and kudos to you on your wonderful station!!!

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