Hardlines Have Begun To Arrive

VHF/UHF Hardlines

VHF/UHF Hardlines

The VHF/UHF hardline feeder cables arrived this week. We chose 1 1/4″ Hardline for the 2M antenna and 1 5/8″ Hardline for the 70cm antenna. Both of these Yagis will be at the 100+ ft level on the tower with a total feedline length of just over 200 ft. We chose these hardline sizes to keep the total loss in the feedline system to under 1.5 dB. We will also be using tower mounted preamplifier system to further improve the performance of the system for weak signal work.

Matt at XX Towers is planning to install three of our four antenna systems on the tower next week and we are preparing for this work this week. Here’s what remains to be done:

1) Test the first of the two SteppIR DB36’s
2) Build a custom feedline breakout system for the SteppIR DB36 Array
3) Change the hardware on the M2 Systems 2M18XX Yagi for a 3″ mast and test the antenna’s SWR performance
4) Add a boom support truss to the M2 Systems 432-21ATV Yagi
5) Gather all of the electronics, jumper coax cables, etc. and prepare for the installation

This is going to keep us very busy in the evenings and over the weekend.

– Fred (AB1OC)

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