WSJT-X and FT8 – A Video Introduction

WSJT-X 2.0

WSJT-X 2.0

The Nashua Area Radio Society recently held a Tech Night on WSJT-X: FT8, WSPR, MSK144, and More. This Tech Night was recorded and provides a good starting point for folks who want to understand what the WSJT-X software can do, how to use it, and how to integrate it into their station.

August 2018 Tech Night – WSJT-X: FT8, WSPR, MSK144, and More

The video from our Tech Night includes lots of information about how to get started as well as some recorded demonstrations of FT8 and Meteor Scatter contacts.

Topics Cover During WSJT-X Tech Night

Topics Cover During WSJT-X Tech Night

Our Tech Night also covered tools like PSKreporter and JTAlert that can be used with WSJT-X. Finally, we spent some time using WSPR to evaluate your station’s performance and how you can use the software to do more “exotic” QSOs such as Meteor Scatter on 6m.

Nashua Area Radio Society members have access to our full library of over 30 Tech Night videos on a wide range of topics for both beginning and advanced Hams. You can see the list of what is available on the Nashua Area Radio Society Tech Night page.

I hope you enjoy the video!

Fred, AB1OC

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  1. Hello, I am very impressive with your website. You provide very good details. I have question, I am working on my research project and would like to know some information’s regarding it. We required to provide communication system for Life Support Facility for the Antarctica Depp Ice Coring Research Team. Do you have complete kits including HF, VHF Radios, Antnenna and etc. to provide an internet service for few months? Any details would be appreciated.

    • Hello Jatin,

      Thank you for your interest in our Blog. Amateur Radio should be a good means to support your project. I don’t have a complete kit together to do all that you want. You might want to reach out to the ARRL on this. I know they have kits prepared to establish communications in emergencies.

      – Fred

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