How Many Parts In A SteppIR DB36?

Completed DB36 Yagi

Completed DB36 Yagi

I am working on assembling the second of our two SteppIR DB36 Yagi’s and it is nearing completion. It’s hard to understand the amount of work that goes into building one of these antennas until you do one. Just for fun, I decided to work out a total count of parts and pieces that were installed or assembled as part of building our first SteppIR DB36. How many parts do you think there might be? The count I took is for a SteppIR DB36 with the following options:

  • 80m Dipole
  • 6m Passive Kit
  • Controller with Transceiver Interface and Tuning relay
  • Connector Junction Box
  • Element Truss Kits for all three Loop Elements

Take a minute and give your answer in the following pole. I will publish the count in my next post.

– Fred (AB1OC)

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