Greencube (IO-117) – M2 Antenna Systems LEO Pack – Will It Work?

Quite a few folks have the M2 Antenna System LEO pack antenna. I wanted to see how this antenna system would perform with Greencube (IO-117). Our LEO Pack is set up on a Glen Martin roof tower that we’ve modified to create a transportable ground station. Here are some of the specs for the setup … Continue reading

Greencube (IO-117) – A New Satellite for DX!

The Amateur Radio satellite community is fortunate to have a relatively new Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite. The satellite is named Greencube or IO-117. Here’s some more information about Greencube from the S5Lab Research Team: GreenCube is a 3U CubeSat aimed at demonstrating an autonomous biological laboratory for plants cultivation on-board a CubeSat platform. The satellite project is managed by the S5Lab … Continue reading

Greencube (IO-117) – Completing a Satellite Worked All States

I have worked and confirmed all states in the USA for some time now except for Hawaii. It is simply impossible to work Hawaii from my location in New England via a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite. Fortunately, the Greencube (IO-117) Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite has made a contact with Hawaii possible. The next … Continue reading

Greencube (IO-117) – Setup, Software, and Operation

Greencube (IO-117) is a Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite that carries a 70cm digipeater. This satellite can provide DX contacts covering a wide area around an Amateur Radio satellite ground station. Putting together a station and the necessary software to use Greencube is not difficult. If you already have a computer-controlled satellite ground station that … Continue reading

Greencube (IO-117) – A Portable Station for Activating Grid Squares

We’ve been having a lot of fun with the Greencube (IO-117) satellite, so I decided to put together a portable ground station for activating grid squares. I wanted a station that – Has adequate antenna gain and power for reliable Greencube operation Uses solar-battery power so that it is quiet when operating in public places … Continue reading

Field Day Satellite Station for 2021 – Setup and Test in Hollis

The Nashua Area Radio Society will be using our portable Satellite Station this year at Summer Field Day. A number of members got together recently to assemble and test our Computer-Controlled Portable Satellite Station for Field Day. Here are some pictures of our Field Day Satellite Station Test… Source: Field Day Satellite Station for 2021 … Continue reading

EME Station 2.0 Part 11 – Station Hardware In Shack

Now that our 2m EME Antenna Array is fully installed, we have turned our attention to the setup of the equipment in our Shack. We plan to mix JT65 Digital and CW operation with our 2m EME Station. The image above shows our station’s equipment dedicated to EME and Satellite operations. We built some shelves … Continue reading

Satellite Station 4.0 Part 12 – Antenna Upgrades

Upgraded Satellite Antennas On the Tower We’ve been making good use of our Satellite Ground Station. Our existing 2MCP14 and 436CP30 antennas have enabled us to make over 2,000 satellite contacts; working 49 of the 50 U.S. States, 290+ Grid Squares, and 31 DXCCs. Our station is also an ARISS Ground Station which enables us … Continue reading

EME Station 2.0 Part 7 – Building Antennas

The next step in our EME project is to assemble the four M2 Antenna Systems 2MXP28 Yagis. These antennas are large, cross-polarized yagis. They feature 28 elements each on 34 1/2 foot booms. The design operates as an independent horizontal and vertical Yagi on a shared boom and each plane have an independent feed point. … Continue reading

GPS Time Server

There are many reasons to have an accurate time source in your station. Getting the best performance from WSJT-X modes like FT8 requires your computer clock to be synchronized within a second for example. You can set your clocks accurately using NTP servers on the Internet. This is the most common way that most stations … Continue reading