Receive Antenna For The Low Bands Part 2 – Second Shack Entry And Ground Point

When I began construction of a dedicated 8-Circle Receive Array antenna system for the low bands (160m – 40m) some time ago (see part one in this series for details), I knew that I’d have to locate the new antenna system as far away from my tower and other transmitting antennas as possible to avoid … Continue reading

Amateur Radio Station Design And Construction

A little ways back, John (W1MBG) discovered our Blog and approached us about doing a presentation for the Nashua Area Radio Club (NARC) on the design, construction, and operation of our recently completed station. The NARC group invited us to their March meeting where we shared our presentation with the nice group of folks in … Continue reading

The 2013 ARRL DX Phone Contest – Occasionally, Everything New Works Out

I participated in the 2013 ARRL DX Phone Contest from our recently completed New Hampshire, USA shack. This was my first serious effort in a Phone contest, and I participated in the Single-Operator, High Power Assisted category within the W/VE segment of the contest. We have been enhancing our station’s contesting hardware and software recently. … Continue reading

First Tower Part 5 – Tower/Antenna System Analysis And Design (HFTA Analysis)

The next step in the design of our new antenna system and the tower was to perform a High-Frequency Terrain Analysis (HFTA) for our specific QTH. An excellent explanation of how to use HFTA and the required SW can be found in the ARRL Antenna Book. HFTA uses coordinates and information about the planned antennas … Continue reading