AB1OC Completes The DXCC Challenge Award

I have been working on a number of operating awards with the goals of both improving my operating skills and verifying the performance of our station against our original design goals. I am happy to say that I’ve achieved my first major goal in this area by completing a DXCC Challenge Award. This award requires … Continue reading

2013 Amateur Radio Highlights

Anita and I were quite active on the bands in 2013. Together we made 20,650+ contacts from a combination of our home and mobile stations and we worked a combined 259 DXCC Entities. We were active on all of the Amateur Bands available in the USA from 160m through 70cm except for the 60m and … Continue reading

2013 Thirteen Colonies Special Event Operating Award

I believe that operating awards serve several important purposes within the Amateur Radio community. First, they encourage operators to get on the air and operate. Each award is different in this respect – some encourage DX’ing (ex. ARRL DXCC awards) while others encourage specific types of contacts (ex. the RSGB IOTA awards) and others are … Continue reading

Experiences From The ARRL Centennial Convention In Hartford, CT

The ARRL has been celebrating its 100th year this year with a variety of events. One of the biggest was the ARRL Centennial Convention in Hartford, CT this month. Anita and I were fortunate to be able to attend this excellent event and I wanted to share some of our experiences from Hartford with our readers. … Continue reading

World Radiosport Team Championship 2014 Experiences

Anita (AB1QB), Scott (NE1RD) and I had the opportunity to serve as site managers for the WRTC 2014 competition site in Hollis, NH. Our site was one of 65 sites in New England USA (and the only on in the state of New Hampshire). This gave us a chance to be part of the WRTC 2014 … Continue reading


QSL’ing has often been referred to as the “Final Courtesy of a QSO” and its certainly a lot of fun to send and receive QSL cards from friends and acquaintances that you’ve made on the air from around the world. QSL’ing is also an important part of qualifying for operating awards which help to hone an … Continue reading