Amateur Radio For Young People At Sci-Tech

I recently learned of the Sci-Tech Discovery Center in Frisco, Texas USA. This fine facility is dedicated to helping young people to learn about Science and Technology and to hopefully encourage them to pursue Science and Technology learning and vocations. A group of local HAMs in Texas has teamed up with Sci-Tech to install and … Continue reading

A Tour Of Our Shack

I wanted to share a little more about our new shack, which was recently completed. Anita and I each have our own operating positions, which are SO2R capable. Anita’s setup consists of a Yaesu FTdx5000 and has provisions to add a second radio in the future. Fred’s position uses an Icom IC-7800 and an Icom … Continue reading

Shack Construction – Part 4/4 (Final Setup Of Equipment)

The final step in the construction of our new shack was to outfit it with all of the infrastructure for power, RF switching, computers and install the radios and related support systems. This post will outline what we did in this area. One of the first things we did was to get the LAN in … Continue reading

Shack Construction – Part 3/4 (Insulation, Drywall And Finish Construction)

The next step in our shack construction project was to install insulation and the associated vapor barrier. We also marked out the operating desk footprint with tape on the floor to get a better “feel” for the final configuration and ergonomics of the room. We then brought chairs into the room to ensure that we … Continue reading

Shack Construction – Part 2/4 (Electrical, HVAC, And Grounding)

We put considerable effort into planning the Electrical, HVAC and Grounding systems in our new shack. We have experienced some extended power outages in our area over the past several years and we had been planning to install an automatic generator system for some time. Given the electrical upgrades that we were doing in connection … Continue reading