Station Automation Part 3 – Antenna Cutover And Final Integration

The final article in our microHAM installation series will be about our station’s cut-over, configuration, and integration testing. The first step was to bring the second radio in Anita’s (AB1QB) position into the microHAM system. We also added a PR 781 microphone and boom from Heil Sound to her setup at the same time. Anita’s … Continue reading

First Tower Part 14 – Building Yagis (SteppIR DB36 Continued II)

We began today by installing the remaining two-element housings on our SteppIR DB36. We first assembled and installed the element housing for Director 2. This step was nearly identical to what was done for the Reflector. The Driven Element housing is a different assembly due to its larger side. The first step was to install … Continue reading

First Tower Part 21 – Antennas On The Tower (Final Odds and Ends)

We completed all of the integration steps for our new antenna system recently and finally got everything on the air. I guess it’s safe to say a big project like this is never truly “all done” but we have all of the important work completed. I spent some time weatherproofing all of the cables as … Continue reading