Mobile HF Plans for the New Hampshire QSO Party

Jamey, KC1ENX and I are planning to operate using our club call sign N1FD/M (Mobile HF) during the NH QSO Party this weekend. We will be operating from our 500w Mobile Station. Our goal is to activate all 10 NH counties during the contest period which starts at noon ET on Saturday and ends 6 pm on Sunday. Our planned route is shown above. We … Continue reading

Amatuer Radio Video How-To – Putting Up A Tower

 July 2019 Tech Night – Putting Up A Tower We recently did a how-to presentation on Putting Up A Tower at a Nashua Area Radio Society Tech Night. The video from this presentation can be viewed above. We covered a variety of information related to planning, building and integrating Guyed and House-Bracketed towers. You … Continue reading

Sights from the New England Tech Trek (NETT) at NEAR-Fest

We have been working on project to scale our open house activities to provide an opportunity to learn about Amatuer Radio and to showcase some of the modern, “hi-tech” aspects of the Amatuer Radio Service. This project was debuted at the NETT event at NEAR-Fest. We used our Portable Satellite Station, Remote Operating Gateway, and … Continue reading

2016 New England QSO Party – Operating Mobile HF

Several members of the Nashua Area Radio Club operated as N1FD/M (our club callsign) in the New England QSO Party this year as a Multi-Op Mobile Entry. Operators included Wayne Wagner, AG1A and Jamey Finchum, KC1ENX and myself. We began our operations on Saturday afternoon on the Massachusetts – New Hampshire State line where we activated two counties and two states. … Continue reading

Why Ham Radio?

Every so often, I drive Fred’s truck into work and people ask me what that big antenna on the back of the truck is for. I explain to them that it is for Ham Radio.  But the reply is usually, why ham radio – isn’t that outdated technology?  We have cell phones and IM, etc…what … Continue reading

Mobile HF And Station Building Presentations At The 2015 Boxboro Hamfest

It is once again time for the New England Regional Hamfest. The convention will be held in Boxboro, Massachusetts this weekend and will feature a great presentation and forum schedule, a large vendor exhibit area and a HAM Flea Market. We will be doing presentations at Boxboro on two of the most popular topics that we write about … Continue reading

Giving Back To Amateur Radio

Anita, AB1QB and I have spent a good deal of time this past year helping the Nashua Area Radio Club here in Nashua, NH USA as a way to give back to the Amateur Radio Service. Our work with the Nashua ARC has produced some of the most enjoyable and memorable times of our Amateur Radio … Continue reading

Building And Operating A Mobile HF Station

We recently had the chance to do a presentation on building and operating a mobile HF station for the Nashua Area Radio Club here in New Hampshire, USA. I thought it would be interesting for our readers to see this presentation as it contains some new information that we have not previously covered on our Blog. … Continue reading