About AB1OC

A Broad Range of Amateur Radio Interests and Experience Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC was first licensed in 2010, when he earned his Extra Class license. Fred has been very active in the Amateur Radio Service since becoming licensed and he has engaged in a wide variety of Amateur Radio activities. Fred, AB1OC enjoys building Amateur Radio stations. He … Continue reading

Video About Growing and Modernizing Your Amateur Radio Club

The ARRL gave the Nashua Area Radio Society a Forum at the Dayton Hamvention(R)this past year to talk about how we approached Growing and Modernizing our club. The ARRL has produced a video of our Dayton Forum presentation. You can view the Video along with a copy of the presentation via the link which follows… Dayton … Continue reading

The Nashua Area Radio Society Story

Quite a few Nashua Area Radio Society members are headed for the Dayton Hamvention® this week. The theme of Hamvention 2019 is “Mentoring the Next Generation”.  The Nashua Area Radio Society will be receiving some important recognition for our work to bring new Hams into the Amateur Radio service, for our Amateur Radio related STEM … Continue reading

Learn About Ham Radio at HamXposition @ Boxboro

Remote HF GOTA Station at HamXpositon The Nashua Area Radio Society will be hosting several activities and displays at HamXposition this year. Our planned activities include: NEW! Ham Bootcamp Program – a hands-on activity to help folks get on the air and build their stations Our Ham Expo Display featuring information and hands-on activities you can do with … Continue reading

GoKit for Field Day and EMCOMM

Completed VHF/UHF GoKit for Field Day and EMCOMM We’ve been thinking about building a portable GoKit for VHF/UHF EMCOMM and Field Day Applications for a while now. The following is a list of our requirements for a GoKit – 2m and 70cm operation with FM simplex and repeaters APRS capability and tactical display for portable … Continue reading

Dayton Hamvention 2016

Fred, AB1OC, and I just returned from the 2016 Hamvention in Dayton, OH. Our first day in Dayton was spent at Contest University – this was our 5th year in attendance but each year we learn more from the contesting experts. This year, we attended two presentations from Frank Donovan, W3LPL on operating techniques for the declining solar cycle and on 80m and … Continue reading

A Portable Satellite Station Part 2 – 2.0 Station Goals and Antenna System

We came upon the M2 Antenna Systems booth while walking around the exhibit halls at Dayton last year. M2 had one of their LEO Pack satellite antenna systems on display there. This got us thinking about building a new, more capable version of our portable satellite station. The LEO Pack is a relatively lightweight circularly … Continue reading

Dayton 2015 HAMvention Recap

Anita, AB1QB, and I began our 2015 Dayton Hamvention experience by spending a day at Contest University. Tim Duffy, K3LR, and the Contest University team put together another great program this year. Anita and I chose to attend the VHF contesting, Low-Band Antenna, and Waterfall Displays sessions, which were all very interesting. It was also great … Continue reading

Mobile HF – Our Counties Tour From New Hampshire To Dayton, Ohio And Back

We had a lot of fun during our 2015 Dayton US Counties Tour from our home in New Hampshire to the 2015 Dayton HAMvention and back. The trip involved a total of 5 days of driving and covered about 2,000 miles – giving our Mobile HF station quite a workout. We ended up activating 98 … Continue reading