6m Antenna Upgrade Part 5 – Antenna Installation and Station Integration

The final stage of our 6m Antenna Project was completed earlier this week. I began by gathering all of the hardware and components for the installation and staged them near our tower. The installation of our new 6m antennas was a big project, and I was fortunate to have Matt Strelow, KC1XX, and Andrew Toth … Continue reading

6m Antenna Upgrade Part 3 – microHam Antenna Control System

The next step in our project is to configure our microHam station management system to support the new antennas and other components in our 6m antenna project. Each radio in our station (we have five that are 6m capable) has a microHam Station Master Deluxe antenna controller that is used to select and control all … Continue reading

6m Antenna Upgrade Part 1 – Plans for Antenna Enhancements

I’ve been very active on 6m over the past several years. I am closing in on DXCC and Worked All States on the magic band. I operate on 6m daily during Es season. We are also very active in VHF contesting on the 6m band and have worked just under 700 grids on 6m.  This … Continue reading

6m Antenna Upgrade Part 4 – Building Antennas and Prep for Installation

Our new Loop Fed Array (LFA) antennas, phasing lines, and power dividers have arrived from InnoVAntennas. Our plan for this phase of our project includes the following steps: Build mounts for the stack Power Dividers Design and a mounting and truss system for the 3 Element LFA yagis in our stacks Build the first 3-element … Continue reading

Greencube (IO-117) – M2 Antenna Systems LEO Pack – Will It Work?

Quite a few folks have the M2 Antenna System LEO pack antenna. I wanted to see how this antenna system would perform with Greencube (IO-117). Our LEO Pack is set up on a Glen Martin roof tower that we’ve modified to create a transportable ground station. Here are some of the specs for the setup … Continue reading

6m Antenna Upgrade Part 2 – High-Power Preamp System

The next step in our 6m Antenna upgrade project is to build two high-power preamp housings using high-performance, Low-Noise Amplifiers (LNAs). I plan to use one of the housings with 6m Antenna Upgrade Part 3 – Build Antennas and Prep for Installation our existing 7-element Yagi on our house-bracketed tower and the other housing as … Continue reading

Greencube (IO-117) – A Portable Station for Activating Grid Squares

We’ve been having a lot of fun with the Greencube (IO-117) satellite, so I decided to put together a portable ground station for activating grid squares. I wanted a station that – Has adequate antenna gain and power for reliable Greencube operation Uses solar-battery power so that it is quiet when operating in public places … Continue reading

Greencube (IO-117) – A New Satellite for DX!

The Amateur Radio satellite community is fortunate to have a relatively new Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite. The satellite is named Greencube or IO-117. Here’s some more information about Greencube from the S5Lab Research Team: GreenCube is a 3U CubeSat aimed at demonstrating an autonomous biological laboratory for plants cultivation on-board a CubeSat platform. The satellite project is managed by the S5Lab … Continue reading

Greencube (IO-117) – Setup, Software, and Operation

Greencube (IO-117) is a Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite that carries a 70cm digipeater. This satellite can provide DX contacts covering a wide area around an Amateur Radio satellite ground station. Putting together a station and the necessary software to use Greencube is not difficult. If you already have a computer-controlled satellite ground station that … Continue reading

Satellite Station 4.0 Part 12 – Antenna Upgrades

Upgraded Satellite Antennas On the Tower We’ve been making good use of our Satellite Ground Station. Our existing 2MCP14 and 436CP30 antennas have enabled us to make over 2,000 satellite contacts; working 49 of the 50 U.S. States, 290+ Grid Squares, and 31 DXCCs. Our station is also an ARISS Ground Station which enables us … Continue reading