Satellite Station 4.0 Part 12 – Antenna Upgrades

We’ve been making good use of our Satellite Ground Station. Our existing 2MCP14 and 436CP30 antennas have enabled us to make over 2,000 satellite contacts; working 49 of the 50 U.S. States, 290+ Grid Squares, and 31 DXCCs. Our station is also an ARISS Ground Station which enables us to help Schools around the world … Continue reading

EME Station 2.0 Part 10 – Antennas On The Tower

After a year’s worth of planning and 10 months of construction, we have our new 2m EME Antenna System installed on our EME Tower and working! This stage of our project took about a week and included a lot of help from Matt and Andrew at XX Towers. Final Preparations The first step was to … Continue reading

EME Station 2.0 Part 7 – Building Antennas

The next step in our EME project is to assemble the four M2 Antenna Systems 2MXP28 Yagis. These antennas are large, cross-polarized yagis. They feature 28 elements each on 34 1/2 foot booms. The design operates as an independent horizontal and vertical Yagi on a shared boom and each plane have an independent feed point. … Continue reading

EME Station 2.0 Part 13 – H-Frame Enhancements

Our new 2m EME Antenna System has been performing very well. One area that we noticed that could use improvement was the alignment of our antennas as we move them in the Elevation plane. The problem is caused by the weight of the coax feedlines running from the antenna feed points to the power dividers … Continue reading

Field Day Satellite Station for 2021 – Setup and Test in Hollis

The Nashua Area Radio Society will be using our portable Satellite Station this year at Summer Field Day. A number of members got together recently to assemble and test our Computer-Controlled Portable Satellite Station for Field Day. Here are some pictures of our Field Day Satellite Station Test… Source: Field Day Satellite Station for 2021 … Continue reading

EME Station 2.0 Part 8 – Elevation Rotator Assembly and Sub-System Test

The next major component in our new EME station is the assembly of the Elevation Rotator. This step also involves pre-assembly and testing of the MAP65 Pre-amp Housing, Antenna Power Dividers, Transmit/Receive Sequencer, and the Rotator Controller. Here are the components involved in this part of our project: M2 Antennas MT-3000A Heavy-Duty Elevation Rotator M2 … Continue reading

EME Station 2.0 Part 9 – H-Frame Assembly

The final major component to be assembled is the 2MXP28-32-2X2-3K H-Frame which will support our four 2MXP28 Antennas. The H-Frame is one of the most mechanically complex components in our EME antenna system so we began by carefully studying M2’s manual for this component. Parts Identification, Inventory, and Preparation We also spent some time identifying … Continue reading

6m LFA Yagi for Field Day and Mountain Topping

Our 6m Field Day station will be a portable setup and features a new antenna – a 3-Element Loop Fed Array (LFA) Yagi from InnoVAntennas… Source: 6m Field Day Station – Nashua Area Radio Society We’ve been wanting to try a Loop Fed Array (LFA) Yagi on the 6m Band. The Nashua Area Radio Society’s … Continue reading

160m Portable Antenna System for Field Day

The Nashua Area Radio Society tries to do something new each time we engage in an Emcom or other major operation. We decided to try Winter Field Day for the first time this year and we made one of our new elements a capable portable station for 160m. It’s almost impossible to field an effective 160m … Continue reading

New 70cm Yagi

We decided to replace our current 70cm yagi with a newer, higher performance one from M2 Antenna Systems. We choose the M2 432-9WLA. The new antenna has a higher gain and a cleaner pattern than our current 70cm yagi. It also has a longer boom. The first step in the project was to assemble the … Continue reading