Perspectives on a 6m DX Opening

I’ve had a chance to operate on the 6m Band this past week. We are approaching the prime time for the summer Es (E-Skip) season here in the Northeastern United States. As a result, I wanted to see how propagation on the 6m band might be unfolding during this spring Es season. I was fortunate … Continue reading

6m LFA Yagi for Field Day and Mountain Topping

Our 6m Field Day station will be a portable setup and features a new antenna – a 3-Element Loop Fed Array (LFA) Yagi from InnoVAntennas… Source: 6m Field Day Station – Nashua Area Radio Society We’ve been wanting to try a Loop Fed Array (LFA) Yagi on the 6m Band. The Nashua Area Radio Society’s … Continue reading

6m VUCC In A Day – ARRL June VHF Contest

The 6m Band is one of my favorite bands. The combination of its unpredictability and the amazing openings that it can produce certainly makes 6m The Magic Band for me! I haven’t had the chance to work the ARRL June VHF Contest from our home station for several years. A combination of Nashua Area Radio … Continue reading

Plans for Field Day 2021 – Nashua Area Radio Society

We are holding an in-person Field Day operation at Keyes Memorial Park in Milford, NH. Here’s some more on our plans for Field Day 2021. We’d like to invite you to join us… Source: Plans for Field Day 2021 – Nashua Area Radio Society I’d like to invite our friends here on our Blog to … Continue reading

Operating FT8 Remote on the 6m Band

I have been operating using the FT8 digital mode on the 6m band using our remote operating gateway quite a bit this summer. The SDR-based remote operating gateway in our station allows us to operate our station from other rooms in our home as well as from outside our QTH via the Internet. When I’m … Continue reading

Tech Night July 14 – Building and Operating a VHF+ Station

We will be hosting a Tech Night about Building and Operating a VHF+ Weak-Signal Station tonight, July 14th at 7 pm Eastern Time. The live, interactive video of our tech Night will be shared via a Zoom conference and all of our readers are welcome to join. I plan to cover the following topics during … Continue reading

Field Day Satellites, VHF+ and Fox Hunting

We will have lots of great activities for folks who are interested in operating on the VHF and above bands at Field Day 2019. Here are some of the activities that we’ll be doing: Satellites Contacts using a Portable Computer Controlled Satellite Stations Weak Signal SSB, CW, and FT8 Contacts on 6m, 2m, and 70cm Fox Hunting using … Continue reading